Dan Goldwater
Dan was a founding partner of Squid Labs, where he was responsible for numerous technology development and contract projects including Electronic Rope, a TIME magazine invention of the year. Dan also co-founded Instructables.com, the leading web community for Do-It-Yourself'ers. Previously, Dan was a scientist at the MIT Media Lab where he developed autonomous self-assembling robots, 3D spatial tracking systems and more. Prior to that he developed a commercial software server core, methods for software development efficiency, led the development of a global web cache network, and at Intel he worked on Pentium 3 microprocessors. Dan has Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Electrical Engineering from Brown University.

   Dr. Geo Homsy
Geo was a partner at Squid Labs where he developed a hand-held blood monitor, self-guided cargo parachutes, and more. Geo is a computer and software architect with deep understanding of physics, biology, and robotics. He has made original contributions in theoretical chemistry, biological computation, secure networks, spread-spectrum data storage, and physiological modeling and simulation. At Squid Labs Geo has contributed in electromechanical, optical, and embedded systems architecture. He also works on embedded systems, physical modeling and optimization, and ergonomics. Geo has a PhD from MIT.
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