Solar Roads
For a Florida-based energy startup, Squid Labs researched new technologies and materials for the client's solar electrical pavement. We distilled technology options and tested them, then rapidly embedded them into a real world, cost-effective prototype product.

   Load Alert Cable
For a major cordage products manufacturer, Squid Labs researched methods and technologies for providing load alerts for high-strength cable products. We developed several fully functional prototype products demonstrating a range of different options in construction, cost and technologies used.

   Wireless Card Tester
For a Silicon Valley wireless products startup, Squid Consulting developed a manufacturing-line test system and integrated the system into manufacturing floor operations. We worked with the customer to ensure production and quality milestones were met.

   Guidance Systems
For a defense contractor, Squid Consulting developed embedded guidance systems for novel guided airporne systems.

   Exploding Citroen
Working closely with Amorphic Robot Works, Squid Labs provided the core mechanical engineering and design work which enabled Amorphic's totemobile: A 60-foot tall transforming car sculpture installed in Citroen's award-winning new showroom on the Champs-Elysees in Paris.

   Handheld Blood Scanner
For a Bay Area medical products startup, Squid Labs developed a handheld blood scanning system, integrating with the client's novel cartridge-based reagent system.

   Massive Video Display
For OpenEnded Group's Horizon interactive digital artwork commissioned by the Atlanta Airport, Squid Labs researched technologies and methods for creating one of the largest and highest quality video displays ever built, then developed engineering plans and integrated with the installation-site architects.

   Tensegrity Musical Harp
Commissioned by the Smithsonian's National Design Museum, Squid Labs designed and built the unique interactive musical harp as the centerpiece of the museum's Extreme Textiles exhibit. The harp showcased Squid's TIME Magazine Invention of the Year, Electronic Rope.

   Human Power Generator
For One Laptop Per Child, Squid Labs researched technologies for small-scale human power generation, developed several prototype devices and conducted human subjects testing. This work led to the formation of a spinout company which is commercializing the generator device and related technologies.

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