For Business and Industry
At Squid Consulting, we're committed to helping you develop inspired products that deliver bottom line results. We have developed deep skills in client communication and project management that enable seamless collaboration, accelerating your innovation proces and giving your team access to emerging technologies. Because we believe in results, we offer flexible working relationships with our clients. We're convinced that intelligently developed technology innovation can drive financial success. We are committed to providing solutions that can be rapidly demonstrated and easily manufactured.

   For the Arts
Our goal is to help you focus on your vision. With our extensive expertise in electronics, materials, mechanical engineering, manufacturing and more - we work with you to find or develop the best technologies and systems to achieve your greatest goals. We can augment your team to provide engineering and production expertise as needed.

We provide engineering and applied research services that focus on bringing breakthrough technologies to market. Our services include:

   Analyzing viable technologies
   Idea generation
   Design engineering
   Rapid prototyping
   User interface design
   Industrial design
   Implementation engineering
   Materials engineering
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